Our first off site hack was to Iroquois Park in Louisville, KY. It was a great first trip away from the barn! It was only a 15 or 20 minute drive to get to and took us just under 2 hours to ride. We did the smaller loop around the equestrian area as well as the big loop around the park for total of 5.3 miles.

The park offers all sorts of amenities, also known as deathtraps to our ponies. We crossed the road multiple times, walked through a Frisbee golf course, and beside the fairway of the actual golf course. The few people we encountered on the trail were courteous and stepped to the side, but we were honestly surprised we didn't run into more people.

There were a few good spooks, like when one of the golfers dared to shut the trunk of his SUV as we walked past, and when a puddle snuck up on Sunny.

Overall it was a great ride!

The below picture was coming back to the barn, and it really sums up our boys pretty well. Sunny wishes he could just stay in hiding and Stoney wants to know whats going on and be a part of it.

Their barn was out in the pasture when we got home, so after a quick rinse we put them out with all of their buddies.

Stoney quickly got to work getting dirty again, and Sunny just sought out the comfort of his friends.

I'm not sure were our next adventure will be, but we are definitely looking at all of the wonderful places to ride around us. Want to share with us your favorite trail riding spot? Reach out on social media, we'd love some help finding all the best trails.

Want to trail ride at Iroquois Park and don't have a trailer to get there? rent ours!