We've actually owned this trailer since June, but it has taken us a little while to get everything else set up and operational. As of today our 2023 All-Aluminum Shadow 2-Horse, Slant Load, Bumper Pull is available for rent. We researched and searched for several months before landing on this trailer, and that mouthful of a description packs everything that we were looking for into this one trailer. But it has lot's of extras as well!

To start with, our primary tow vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee L with a max towing capacity of 6,200 pounds. Our boys, Sunny and Stoney, are no featherweights either. Sunny weights in at close to 1,300 pounds and Stoney is a close second at 1,200! That leaves only 3,700 pounds for the weight of the trailer itself and all of our gear. The nice thing about the Shadow is that it's empty weight is only 2,440 pounds and it's GVWR is 5,440 pounds. That GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is well below our max towing capacity and the empty weight + horse weight still leaves 500 pounds for all of our gear!

That's a lot of numbers, but knowing that we had a limited towing capacity and that we wanted to rent the trailer out led us to get a light weight trailer. We believe this will expand the market for out trailer and enable many people who may not have a large towing capacity to pull our rental to their vet or favorite trail spot!

In addition to being lightweight, it's just a really nice trailer. All of the windows fold down for great airflow in the summer. It has lights in the horse area and tack room, can hold up to 3 saddles, and has hooks on the tack room wall for bridles, reins, etc. It has fans for both the occupants, and I've added a battery so that the lights and fans can work even when the trailer isn't connected to a tow vehicle.

One final feature that's nice to mention is that it all of the interior walls fold out of the way and also are completely removable. This horse trailer can become a great toy hauler, utility trailer, or moving trailer. This makes it multi-purpose for us and again expands the utility of it as a rental.

I'm grateful for the assistant I received from Kentucky Horse Trailer Sales, who made the whole process painless. Hopefully I'll be back to buy a second trailer sometime soon!

Until then, if anyone is interested in renting our trailer to haul your babies to the vet, a fun trail outing, or just for moving stuff around town... it's available. Click here to check availability and get the process started!