We'll start with introductions; horses first, obviously. The beautiful boys above are our babies. In front, we have Stoney. He's a 20 year old Quarter Horse with some beautiful Grulla markings. In back we have Sunny, he's a mutt, but his appy shines through with dark blotches on his otherwise golden palamino coat.

I'm Caleb, and for the most part I ride Sunny. My girlfriend, Brandi, rides Stoney. Together we're building the Sunstone Ranch.

I feel like there are a few important questions to try and answer, even if they deserve posts all on their own in the future:

What is Sunstone Ranch?

Sunstone is our dream ranch. We're building to a place to call our own, bring our boys home with us, and serve as HQ for all of our many endeavors.

For now Sunstone isn't a place, it's an idea. It's a placeholder. The business serves as a launching platform for our rental business and future dreams.

How did we get started?

This question definitely deserves a post all on it's own, but it all started with a trail ride in Charleston, SC. We were hooked on horses, beautiful trails, and escaping together.

Not even a year after that first trail ride we bought our first horse. He was an asshole! Again, that's another story... after a year of fighting Blue, we traded him for Sunny. Sunny and Blue both taught us a lot of valuable "new horse owner" lessons. And with those lessons under out belt we bought Stoney from a local couple.

As of this post, we've barely had Stoney a year and we've put more than 100 miles on them both! That pace is only going to accelerate from here.

Where are we headed?

Sky is the limit really, and I already mentioned the dream to have a place to call our own. But along the way we'd love to introduce others to the peace and joy that horses and trail riding can bring.

We want to expand and explore other equine related activities on the western side of the world.

We want to build a multi-faceted business focused around a love of horses. We're choosing to start with trailer rentals, but we'd love to work on hosting events with different types of rentals and collaboration, and long term we'd love to own an eventing space!

If you're reading this we really appreciate the time you've already taken to learn more about us. Stay tuned, we're just getting started.